How to ask for feedback or a testimonial

How to ask for feedback or a testimonial

We can only improve our businesses by getting honest feedback from our customers and clients and so we should regularly seek their opinions.

And when they have something wonderful to say about us, we need to be using these as testimonials in our marketing to prove the credibility of how good we are.

But, sometimes, we can feel nervous or unsure about how to go about asking for feedback.

If this sounds like you, copy the following into an email (remembering to replace anything within [ ] and send to your past clients.  Tweak and adapt as you wish.


Hi [first name]

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed your [enter product or service] and would love to hear what you loved most about [using/receiving] it.  I would also love to hear of anything you feel could do with improvement as I always strive to provide the very best for my [clients/customers].

If you would allow me to use your comments as a testimonial, I would be very grateful as we all know that recommendations from existing [clients/customers] are the best form of marketing.  If you would prefer me not to use your comments publicly as a testimonial, then simply let me know when replying.

All you need to do is to hit reply and send me a few short lines or if you prefer, I have listed a few questions to complete below.

Many thanks in advance and I look forward to seeing your feedback.

Best wishes

[your name]


Product or service received/used:

What I loved most about it:

How I felt after using product/service or results gained:

What could be improved:

Would I recommend it to others?

Any other comments:

Permission to use as a testimonial:  Yes / No (delete as applicable)